A Timeless Tradition – The Importance of Handmade Bespoke Clothing

Tailored clothing in India has been lifestyle since time immemorial. The joy of picking fabrics that resonates with you and customizing these to your favorite silhouettes is parallel to none. From exquisite embroideries to fabrics that were crafted especially for kings and queens we have a history that favors bespoke and it is this lifestyle that we here at RR are keeping alive.

Handmade clothing means that the piece in your hand was made only for you, it is exclusive and unique! Besides being one of a kind, handmade bespoke clothing promises the perfect fit. It is custom made for you with unparalleled craftsmanship that is indistinguishable from mass-produced clothes. Here are 5 reasons why you must indulge in bespoke handmade clothing-

1. Sustainable

Handmade clothing reduces the carbon footprint. The epitome of slow fashion, the process involves conscious choices at every step. Unlike but produced goods, it is customized for each consumer thus reducing wastage of resources.

Tailored clothing in India
Tailored clothing in India

2. Long Lasting

Bespoke clothing is a lifestyle. We at RR make sure that every piece of handmade clothing stays in your wardrobe for years and become your cherished clothing.

3. Help Communities

India is rich in crafts and textiles. With so much of our strength as a country lying in our artisans, it is through bespoke that we make sure that the skills are cherished and presented to a wider audience. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled workers with machines it’s important to keep handmade clothing alive.

A timeless tradition
A timeless tradition – The importance of handmade bespoke clothing

4. One of Kind Experience

Bespoke clothing is about the joy of finding something you really love. The process is an interactive one and the knowledge that a product was handcrafted just for you’re is sure to give you the feel-good factor! What adds to the experience is the knowing the rich narrative that is a part of every garment.

5. Meet Your Needs Better

The best part about bespoke? It suits your needs better. You can prune and perfect the design to your taste to get that perfect piece!