Should Fashions and Trends Be Taught to Kids?

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Most people say that fashion style is very important. While others say it isn't so necessary. The question "should fashion be taught to kids" is often one of the most debatable questions today. So, to answer that question, this article from will show you how to teach your kids about fashion, and personal style and trends.

The most straightforward answer is Yes. A child’s fashion sense begins to take shape from birth, and their parents’ styles become part of their normal. You should teach your child fashion not only for adornment but also as a means of self-expression. It is a form of communication.

How To Teach Your Child About Personal Style and Trends

Teaching kids the ins and outs of being able to physically dress themselves is one thing, but teaching them how to do it with style is a whole other matter. While we can’t stress enough the importance of letting kids express themselves, whether they have no interest in the clothes they put on or they insist on wearing their swimsuit to the shops every single day, it's your job to encourage them to follow their interests.

Shop and Dress Together

Go shopping together and hold little fashion shows! Clothing stores are intimidating for little kids to navigate, with hundreds of clothing racks towering over their heads. Walk them through your shopping process in your section and theirs. Make sure to ask them questions along the way, so they can begin to own the space. Their creativity is important, and they’ll only be creative when they’re comfortable.

To help them choose the right one, find out what people are saying about a brand before going with them. For example, if you’re buying girl’s clothing, be sure to read baby girl fashion clothes online reviews to avoid choosing the wrong brand.

Color Matters

It’s no secret that some people wear certain colors better than others — and that’s true for kids too. So, be color aware. Step one is to find the child’s best colors. These are not necessarily his or her favorite colors but the ones that are most attractive on them.

We suggest going to a fabric store and seeing what colors really work with your child’s skin tone. Once you know the best colors, you can shop with fabric swatches or paint chips and know that what you buy will go with other items already in the closet. This saves time and money and avoids mis-matches.

Find Out What They Like

You want to encourage your child to find their own style … but you want it to be within reason. So, how do you accomplish that? The best way is to put together a section of photos (from catalogs, magazines, etc) of varied styles that you approve of and get a feel for what your child gravitates to. When they have representative samples, they can show them to the child and elicit feedback. Do this with only one child at a time so they get personal time and are not bothered by negative comments from siblings.

Teach Them Value

Kids have no idea how much things including clothing cost. It’s your responsibility to teach them how to create a great wardrobe on a budget. Most kids are apt to lean towards the ‘name brands’ that everyone else is wearing, even if they cost five times more than an unbranded T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Stress the importance of saving on the staples — like t-shirts, sweats, socks, and more — and splurging on just a few statement pieces. For older kids, giving them a budget for clothing and if the kid wants to spend more than is budgeted, the child will have to pay the extra amount.