Casino Fashion Ideas to Steal From Movies

Casino gaming can be exciting and intense, especially when the stakes are high. In these moments, you can’t just rely on your skills; the way you present yourself is also important. In order for other players to take you seriously, you’ll need to dress to impress. The key is wearing a power outfit that makes you feel good, which can in turn help you make better and more confident decisions in the games.

For inspiration, you only need to look at how movie characters dress their way to success in the casino. Here are some outfits to consider:

1. Purple Halter Backless Dress from Casino Royale

When Bond girl Vesper Lynd first made an entrance into a high-stakes poker game in which James Bond was participating, all eyes were on her. That was naturally the plan for the scene, but it was also because actress Eva Green looked stunning in a beautiful purple backless dress with a plunging neckline and crystal/beaded details.

The dress embodied the character very well: effortlessly classy and feminine with an air of mystery. Vesper Lynd redefined the Bond girl with her passion, independence, and actual character background (which most of her predecessors in these roles lacked). If you want to walk into a casino and project the same vibes, you may want to take a page from Vesper Lynd’s lookbook.

2. Black Frills Dress from Molly’s Game

The 2017 movie Molly’s Game focused on the true story of Molly Bloom, a beautiful woman who managed some of the most exclusive high-stakes poker games for 10 years before getting caught by authorities. She was known to dress purposefully, wearing clothes that were sexy but meant business at the same time.

For the movie, actress Jessica Chastain insisted on wearing a feminine dress with black frills on the front for a pivotal scene. Said scene involved Molly pitching a new game to a crowd of male poker players. Chastain thought that the outfit was the perfect, attention-getting dress the character needed to keep all men’s eyes on her.

Have a similar goal in mind? Don’t be afraid of wearing frills to the tables. Such an unusual dress could work in your favor.

3. Gold Sequin Dress from Casino

Although this movie is set in the 1970s, some of the outfits featured are timeless. Sharon Stone’s character Ginger wore several sparkly gold dresses in Casino, and they all highlighted her high-maintenance, glamorous nature. A Vice article mentioned that Ginger knew the power behind her beauty, and projected it through her elegant outfits.

Gold sequins are another eye-catching dress feature. If your goal is to disarm your opponents, wearing something similar to this dress may give you a hand.

Now, in order to put these ideas to proper use, you also need to have a good grasp on the type of casino scene you're walking into. In the United States for instance, some casinos are a little bit more casual than the films lead us to believe - yet new, modern ones may be on the way. Several states have already made positive moves toward the growth of the gambling industry. In fact, one prominent gambling website stated that Pennsylvania's scene is thriving in this regard due to recent steps in legalizing online gambling and sports betting. This may well be replicated across the U.S., and could result in a whole new category of modern casinos, for which it's difficult to predict how people might dress.

On the other hand, some brick-and-mortar casinos have more defined dress codes and expectations. For instance, some of the finer establishments in Europe, such as Baden-Baden in Germany and the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, are still frequented by people in high fashion, and more casual attire may be frowned upon. This is also true of certain more exclusive areas within even some of the more casual casinos in the U.S. or Southeast Asia.

Knowing the atmosphere is about as important as knowing what you'd like to wear. Provided you know you're up to standard however (and not ludicrously overdressed), the above options from the best of casino cinema can help you to make just the impression you'd like.

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