Fashion fairs and events 2021

World's Top Fashion Events in 2021 | Fratelli Borgioli

List of upcoming fashion industry events, such as fashion weeks and trade fairs, for fashion professionals.

The Fabric Shows Miami - June 28, 2021

The fabric shows feature suppliers of American and European textiles and ornaments with global production. Including: Made in the USA, Low Minimum, Stock Programs, Wholesale Canvas, and Upholstery.

Participants include designers, manufacturers (manufacturers of clothing, accessories, home furniture, other sewn products), plus private label retailers, fabric stores, event/party organizers. Exhibitors are wholesale suppliers (including milling cutters, converters, importers, and distributors) who have low minimums, and many have fabrics and linings in stock - plus domestic production, including small batches. According to, people love these kinds of shows.

Arab Fashion Week MENS

Arab Fashion Council © ️ (AFC) is the largest non-profit organization in the world that aims to establish a fashion system (infrastructure) by uniting the 22 Arab countries under the umbrella of the creative economy, based on knowledge and production; through the use and exchange of collective knowledge, experience and resources in the industry.

AFC was formed in 2014 to represent the fashion industry in the 22 Arab countries and is a registered trademark by UAE federal law. It is funded by industry owners and commercial sponsors. He leads the industry through creative influence and strategically takes the necessary steps to position the Arab fashion industry in the global fashion economy. Also, many people from datings apps reviews in Britain    are in love with this show, even if most of them are watching online.

Milan Fashion Week

There will be fashion shows, parties, pop-up shops, swimming shows, fashion discussions/workshops, etc. Who is who in the industry will be there from designers, models, celebrities, influencers, buyers, fashion bloggers, brands, media Fashion shows are generally just industry events, and potential participants will be contacted to provide additional information. , such as social media account or company information, to be considered. Several fashion shows have opened up a limited amount of access to the general public, and they will be available to people who only love fashion.

Fashion Week: an always awaited moment that brings with it a set of events and evenings not to be missed.

Fashion Week is an event of the world fashion industry that allows fashion houses and stylists to present their collections to the public and to dictate in essence the trends of the season.

The big four also called fashion capitals, remained for 4 decades: Milan

  • Paris
  • London
  • New York.

The concept of fashion week (Semaine des défilés) was born in Paris in the 19th century, when tailors in the tailoring sector began to hire women to wear their clothes in public places, from racecourses to state-of-the-art hairdressers. , to promote their sale.

These precursor parades ("défilé") gradually became increasingly important and crowded social events.

New York is the first week of fashion

In the US, retailers, influenced by what they had seen in Europe during high-fashion shows, decided to transfer this method of promotion to their homeland and their clothing.

In 1903, a New York store called the Ehrich Brothers made what is believed to be the country's first fashion show to attract middle-class women to the store.

As early as 1910, many of the large stores organized fashion shows to promote their collections. With the advent of the 1920s, parades were now used throughout the country.

The first fashion week took place in New York in 1943, to promote local fashion as an alternative and to the detriment of French haute couture, as it had become impossible to import clothes from Europe due to World War II. men then go there to buy them.