Marvelous Tips to Choose Awesome Jeans Wear

Jeans are awesome. They’re durable, strong, and you can just as well wear them anywhere. However, when purchasing jeans, there is one thing you need to keep in mind, and that’s the form of your body.

Take a Look:

If you’re on the skinny side

Skinny Jeans
A women wearing skinny jeans

Skinny people usually have slender frames from top to bottom. They are sometimes referred to as ectomorphic, and their bodies are of a light build, and they also have small shoulders, and flat chests. Gaining weight for skinny people is difficult.

What to Wear

Straight leg jeans: They have a low rise, and they are able to flatten the slender build of skinny people. Those also have enough room while also not drawing attention to the skinny legs.

Styles to Avoid

Wide leg and baggy jeans: Simply put, these will look too loose and excessively roomy. The same way plus size dresses do.

Skinny jeans: If you’re a skinny person, then unlike leggings, skinny jeans will make you look even much slimmer than you already are. They tend to have no room at all, and as such, they’ll create a sloppy appearance that will draw even more attention to your already skinny legs.

High rise jeans: These jeans will highlight your Good behind and make it look flat.

People With Athletic Legs

Athletic Legs Jeans
An athletic woman with jeans

An athlete is one who has muscular legs, muscular buttocks, and a very slim waist. Show off your hours in the gym by wearing good looking shorts, joggers that fit your body.

What to Wear

Slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans: Athletic people can wear any of these jeans.

Low rise styles: It is much better to wear these than high rise jeans.

However, regardless of what you wear, just ensure that the pockets are small and wider set so as to show your chiseled bum.

Styles to Avoid

Baggy jeans: Baggies will hide your body’s form.

Regular fits with wide legs: They will see imbalance and make your legs appear larger.

If You Are Muscular

Muscular Legs Jeans
A muscular man with a jeans

People who visit the gym a lot. These people have bigger legs, and on them, straight jeans appear skinny.

What to Wear

A regular fit with a wider leg: These jeans were designed to fit muscular people as they help to accentuate the body’s form. Make sure the jeans have large and deep pockets as they’ll highlight your bum as well.

Styles to Avoid

Bootcut jeans: You’ll look heavier with the flare at the bottom

Skinny jeans: With these jeans, you’re on full display, and your muscles look much heavier.

If You Have Wider Hips

Wider Hips Jeans
A woman wearing wider hips jeans

The ideal requirement for people with large hips is an equal leg width. When a person has the cliché soccer player’s body- wide legs with a hip that is much wider than the waist- width is ideal, and that should be his priority with jeans.

What to Wear

Relaxed-fit jeans: Make sure to get jeans that are a size up in order to make sure that they don’t scratch up to your groin

Straight-leg jeans with a high rise: These jeans will also help to maintain the required equal width.

What to Avoid

Skinny or tapered jeans: Avoid these for a simple reason; they can make you look just too.

Low rise jeans: These ones will also draw too much attention to your wide hips.