Mesmerizing Tips on How to Style Your Jewelry with Your Clothes

By now, we all know just how useful jewelry pieces are too your overall look. With the ability to provide proper highlights, these pieces are the perfect accessories anyone could ever dream of.

However, how do you style your jewelry with your clothes to get an alluring look?

Look through below and see if these tips help you out:

Ample Always Speaks Pretty Loud

The thing about jewelry is that most times, it is always better to go in a more modest direction. This tip is especially true if you’re going to a place where the dress code might not necessarily accommodate huge jewellery and the whole bling. In places like these, less is more. Also, if you’re wearing light colors, your jewelry will most probably not stand out (thanks to the tone of your clothes). To wit, make sure to go in a more modest and simple direction by putting on ample jewelry.

You Can Also Match Your Jewelry

Jewelry can be matched, especially if you’re heading to a place where luxury is expected. You can have gold earrings a gold necklace, and some lovely gold bracelets, however, when styling, remember not to overdo it. A lot of women end up flashing too much, and it can get distracting (not to mention all the unnecessary attention you’ll be getting)

Please Be Careful About Your Outfits

When wearing jewelry, it is essential that you put what you’re wearing into consideration. Jewelry is beautiful, but no piece is able to transfer your look by itself. The pace of your clothes is essential, as these will serve as awesome complements. To wit, make sure that your outfit selection is impeccable as well. This means that if you’re wearing something like a classy a vintage necklace, you might want to pair it with heels and not sandals.

Pieces With Light Colors Usually Go With Dark-colored Clothes

It’s a simple rule that is always worth remembering. This isn’t to say that bright-colored clothes don’t go with bright-colored jewelry as well, but ark clothes work better. When you have jewelry that’s gold or red, for instance, it is able to easily work better on an outfit that has a much darker tone (black, brown, purple, etc.) thanks to the contrast.

You Need to Be Careful When It Comes to Tone

Yes, it’s true that less is usually more. However, it is also true that the word “less” is pretty relative. To wit, the tone is something that matters the most when it comes to jewelry. Since you’re wearing something casual, it goes without saying that the tone of our clothes will definitely be light already if that’s the case, you might want to wear jewelry that isn’t too bright. You’ll have a lot of items giving off light, and it can come off as a bit cheesy. However, if your casual clothes are also giving off a monochrome vibe, then you can go a bit over the edge with the jewelry. At least, they’ll be the only ones popping colors in what you’re wearing.

Trends Matter

Jewelry trends actually matter a lot, especially if you’re wearing clothes that are casual. It is important that you take note of the season and the pieces that are more in vogue and use that information to style what you wear.

Which leads us to…

Be True to Yourself

While trends do matter, so do you. If you come across a jewelry trend and you’re not overly comfortable with it, then feel free to wear what you feel comfortable with just remember, outlandish jewelry is never the answer.