The Chinese have been at all times a modern race and Chinese historical clothing was largely influenced by all of the dynasties which dominated it. The Han Chinese clothing or the Hanfu has the longest historical past of clothes worn. Nonetheless, the shop is a contemporary example of the unique remixing of types that occurs on the streets of Tokyo. Along with goth, bondage, and punk galore, Gosha and Vetements affect is felt strongly right here as well — especially of their collection of younger Korean streetwear designers.

Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER is probably the epitome of Japanese streetwear. There are a number of fashionable boys in each Harajuku era, yet girls have dominated the scene for many years. FRUiTS printed full-page street snaps with very little text and almost no advertising, a doc of the Harajuku scene that let the style speak for itself.japanese fashion

Extra Than Dope’s ten-day popup at LaForet was so common that we noticed an enormous spike in Harajuku kids sporting the brand on the road even weeks after the shop had closed. The mixed activity and social interplay between its adherents will increase the potential for this newly popular type evolving right into a full-blown vogue …